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The Daily Sparkle is out! Stories via @thetvia @koolbadges @ipilates
7th May 2014 09:15
Bill Dove
The Stress Buster daily is out! Stories via @ipilates @reluctantuser2
5th May 2014 11:26
Physio Pilates
Use @ipilates brilliant CD's & downloads to help stay strong and flexible when you can't make it to the studio ?
22nd January 2014 12:35
precise pilates
@ipilates @pinterest Great pin!! 😀
26th January 2014 01:17
Milly Johnson
@ipilates I am actually impressed with how good the stretches make me feel. Ill up the ante when my arm gets better x
5th November 2013 08:51
Physio Pilates
RT @ipilates: Remember, you can use our brilliant #Pilates CD's & downloads to help stay strong and flexible when you can't make it to...
4th November 2013 02:35
Wilmslow Bikers
Superbike racer @samwest62 and cyclist @jessvarnish featured in @wilmslowexpress training @waterlanephysio #pilates
2nd November 2013 12:14
steph ledigo
@ipilates I Need to try Pilates!
1st November 2013 04:28
Physio Pilates
Spoke to one of our regular clients this morning who said she loves hearing Tracey's voice daily as she does her workout from @ipilates
5th August 2013 09:25
iPilates Tracey
Another convert, yeah! RT @millyjohnson: @ipilates I've been told to do Pilates. I'll be joining a class. x
15th August 2013 03:22
Chris Wheeler
25th October 2013 09:14
Priya Tew
So kind, thankyou! “@ipilates: @dietitianuk I am so impressed. You are a fantastic advert for exercise & healthy eating.”
17th August 2013 01:14
Progressive Fitness
#Pilates News Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ipilates @emireerose @sallyparkesyoga
13th August 2013 07:09
The Clotheshorse
RT @ipilates: Beautifully written - Diary of a Clotheshorse: Wilfredo #Rosado - Luxurious #jewellery at its best
24th July 2013 09:01
@ipilates can you believe it, we are about to launch autumn/winter!!! What is the world coming to?
24th July 2013 06:16
Stacey Harper
@ipilates My pleasure :) I need to book myself in to one of your courses soon x
21st July 2013 11:31
iPilates Tracey
21st July 2013 10:02
iPilates Tracey
We know it's hot, so that's why these #workouts are so great. Simple, easy and so effective. Go on, try one
18th July 2013 12:40
cheshire furniture
@ipilates #ff passionate about #Pilates & want to cure the world of aches and pains using our #exercise CD's & Downloads.
21st June 2013 07:27
julia atherton
#doPilatesathome with our easy to follow pilates workout downloads @ipilates or ask at the studio for a CD with 2 x 20 min workouts for £5.
17th June 2013 09:12
Follow Me on Pinterest pilates crunch

Welcome to iPilates

Your Workout on the Web

At iPilates we are passionate about Pilates Exercises and think you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of Studio based Pilates classes in your own home.

So we have created a series of fabulous iPilates workouts. To listen to a sample click on Workouts, select the product you are interested in by clicking on more info and then select listen to clip. You can Buy individual workouts today, designed by one of the best Pilates teachers in the UK.

Each Workout that you Download has been carefully devised to keep you in shape and to help you exercise as effectively as possible, all in the comfort of your own home.

At only 5 each you can afford to buy a new one every month.

Once you have bought your workout you will be prompted to download the file onto your computer.

You can now listen to the detailed instructions as you enjoy a workout session that will leave you feeling flexible and relaxed.

By listening to these instructions you will be able to focus on your own body, without the need to keep stopping to look at a screen or a book.

Once a file is stored on your computer it may be copied to a portable music player, MP3, if you would prefer to listen this way.

Happy Exercising.

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